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Summary: Hungary is located in central Europe, northwest of Romania, and is mostly flat to rolling plains with hills and low mountains on the Slovakian border. The famous Danube river cuts through the middle of the country, once part of the Austro- Hungarian Empire, which collapsed during World War I.
Capital: Budapest
Time Zone: DST +0200 UTC
Population: 9,930,915
Languages: Hungarian, German
Power: 230 V, 50 Hz
Currency: Forint - Currently 1 HUF = 0.0044 USD $
Climate: Hungary's climate is mild and temperate. Cold, cloudy, humid winters and warm summers are what you will find. - Currently 20ş, var t
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Budapest: Budapest is an interesting city having two halves - Buda, the older, and Pest, the newer, with its bridges spanning the Danube River to connect them together. Find Gellert Hill, the Royal Palace and the stone fortress Citadella in Buda, and the National Museum and Parliament in Pest, or just relax and take an evening stroll along the Danube waterfront or shop for antiques and old books.

Lake Balaton: Around 60 miles from the capital, Lake Balaton is one of the largest in the continent and is almost completely surrounded by resorts, hiking trails and nice towns to visit. Around the lake, you can find sights from a few beaches to the medieval towns of Szombathely, Sopron, Veszprem, and Keszthely, all the way to the spa towns of Siofok and Balatonfured.

No Littering: Hungarian streets are kept extremely clean, so be careful not to throw trash or cigarettes on the street, there are more than enough garbage cans and ashtrays to be found.
Toasting: When toasting, do not clink beer glasses together - it is considered very impolite and decreed as a reminder of the treatment of Hungary's 13 generals-turned-martyrs from the mid 19th century. The decree was to last for 150 years, or until 1999, but many still uphold it out of tradition.
When To Visit: The Budapest Spring Festival is a two week festival in March that starts off the spring with international and local exhibitions, and also makes one of the good times to plan a trip. Summers are nice, but can be crowded.
Food: Start with the famous goulash, or pörkölt, or maybe bean or spiced fish soups, jokai bableves and halászlé, and finish off with crepes or a cold sour cherry and fruit soup, palacsinta and hideg gyumolcsleves.
Phrases: Yes = igen, no = nem, please = kérem, thank you = köszönöm, hello = szervusz, goodbye = viszontlátásra.
Tipping: 10-15% is appropriate for most services. Never leave money on the table in a restaurant: tell the waiter how much of a tip you want to leave as you are paying the bill.

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